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Planning Review


     ChecklistBlackMany projects require planning department review prior to the building permit application process. In these cases the Town Planning Departments (Ross, San Anselmo and Fairfax) will request Ross Valley Fire Department to review the projects.

    The Town will route planning applications to the Ross Valley Fire Department for a courtesy  review. The purpose of the fire department review is to advise the applicant, as early as possible, should plans conflict with fire code regulations. An example would be if a fire apparatus accees road is required, the location or design of the structure may need to be altered.

    All design plans and correspondences are routed through the Town Planning Department. A complete review is completed during the Building Construction submittal phase.

    Planning Review Process Overview

    1. Visit your local planning department.

    Ross Planning Department

    Planning Dep't

    San Anselmo Planning Department

    Planning Dep't

    County of Marin Community Development Agency

    CDA - Current Planning

    Fairfax Planning Department

    Planning Dep't

    Fire Department Planning Checklist Icon2. Learn the codes and standards that apply to your project.

    3. Based on the scope of your project, planning officials will determine if planning review is required.

    Projects Ready for Building Department Review 

    Projects Requiring Fire Department Planning Review

    You are ready to visit your local Building Department.

    If the local Planning Department determines that your project requires Fire Department review or involvement in the planning stage, they will route a copy of relevant plans and documents to the Fire Department for review.

    Plan review submittals are evaluated for completeness.  In determining completeness, fire department personnel will evaluate factors such as available fire flow, fire apparatus access, and vegetative fuels.  If additional fire department permits or review is required, this will be noted as a requirement for Building Department conditions of approval.

    A $320 fee will apply to all fire department planning reviews.

    4. Review Comments and follow instructions to proceed.

    • The Planning Department will contact you when both the Building and Fire Departments complete their reviews and comments are ready for distribution.

    Requirements differ by jurisdiction. Click the links below to be redirected to the local codes and standards or contact the local planning department for specific questions:

    Local Municapal Codes

    htmlTown of Ross

    htmTown of San Anselmo

    htmSleepy Hollow Fire Protection District

    htmlTown of Fairfax

    Local Planning Departments:






    Please refer to the Project Process and Permit Guide, or your local planning department, for submission requirements:

    A fee is required for all plannning reviews.  Fees are set forth in the current Fee Schedule.

    Plans are submitted to the Planning Department and should follow all requirements stipulated by the specific Planning Department.

    Please note: in addition to Planning Department requirements, plans should include, a site plan showing apparatus access and the closest fire hydrant location. Including as much detail early in the process will result in a more thorough review.

    Many of the planning departments require a Vegetation Management Plan (VMP) as part of their submission requirements.




    • Ross Valley Fire Department will complete a courtesy review of the project for compliance with state and local fire code, and return written comments to the local planning department within the time period established by the local planning department.





    • Planning reviews do not typically involve inspections.



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