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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

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Ross Valley Fire Department provides Emergency Medical Services for the Town of Ross,Town of San Anselmo, Town of Fairfax, and Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection District, on Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) levels utilizing transport Paramedic Ambulances provided by Ross Valley Paramedic Authority.

Paramedic Engine Companies

Beginning in 2005, Ross Valley Fire Department took a step forward in providing more efficient and advanced medical care to the community with the addition of Paramedic Engine Companies.  The Engine Company Paramedic program provides Advanced Life Support (ALS) level medical care in a more timely fashion to the citizens, by converting three Engine Companies into Paramedic Engines.  These engine companies carry a full complement of paramedic equipment and typically one firefighter/paramedic. When staffed with a paramedic, these engine companies are able to administer advanced life support to critically ill or injured patients when seconds count, while performing all of the fire suppression and rescue capabilities of a Type I Municipal Fire Engine.

40 Years of EMS: In the last 40 years, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) responses have grown faster than any other emergency response.

This is accomplished by responding the closest Engine company to provide paramedic service and the closest ambulance to provide transportation to the appropriate hospital. Currently, Ross Valley Fire Department operates out of four fire stations with three Medic Engine companies and one Battalion Chief.  All fire suppression personnel are currently trained to the EMT-1 or EMT-Paramedic level.

A recent review of the EMS statistics for the past two years shows an average of approximately 4000 medical aid calls per year with 764 being cardiac related and 148 were cardiac arrests.  Two thousand of the patients treated are critical care patients requiring advanced life support.  Ross Valley Fire Department's three engine companies have average response times of three to five minutes.  This program will provide an even greater level of life-saving service to residents and visitors by decreasing the length of time for ALS care to reach patients.

Between 1990 and 2010, nearly 80 percent of all emergency responses in the Ross Valley have been related to Medical Emergencies - EMS.  During this unprecendented period of change, Ross Valley Fire Department has adopted new technologies and training, like Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and Paramedic training for many of our Firefighter EMTs.

Ross Valley Paramedic Authority

Since 1984, Ross Valley Paramedic Authority has provided paramedic transport ambulances to residents of all Ross Valley communities from Corte Madera to Fairfax,  To deliver the highest levels of emergency care, the RVPA now also provides training, medical direction, and financial support to Ross Valley Fire Department, allowing firefighter paramedics to be stationed at fire stations. This reduces the critical response time required to deliver critical care, and increases the chances for critically sick and injured patients to survive and recover.

Ross Valley Paramedic Authority (RVPA) is an example of communities working together to deliver a vital life-saving service in a cost-effective fashion.   Advanced Life Support paramedic care is a service above and beyond routine ambulance transport.  The RVPA, in essence, brings the hospital emergency room to the patient.

RVPA paramedics are trained and equipped to provide advanced, life-saving care wherever it's needed, 24/7/365. Firefighter Paramedics arrive on the scene of all reported fires and medical emergencies within minutes - in critical situations, this can mean the difference between life and death. Medical intervention is provided at the scene and the patient is then transported to the emergency room in our state-of-the-art ambulance transport units.

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To protect the lives, property and environment of Ross, San Anselmo, Sleepy Hollow and Fairfax through education, prevention and community service in a professional and caring manner that is fair, honest, respectful and ethical.

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