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Events & Outdoor Cooking


    Events and Outdoor CookingIn order to ensure public safety, the Ross Valley Fire Department may require a temporary permit with specific conditions for large gatherings including: fairs, concerts, sporting events, weddings, festivals, etc.

    Below is the link to the Ross Valley Fire Department Standard 118 and the requirements for large events and venues:

    pdfStandard 118 - Events and Outdoor Cooking



    • Refer to Fee Schedule for applicable fees.  Additional fees apply for inspectors outside of normal working hours.
    • For individual tents, temporary structures or membrane strucutures less than 200 square feet and canopies less then 400 square feet, RVFD requires two site plan drawings indicating tent size, location use, exits, seating arrangments, fire extinguisher location, emergency lighting, and fire lanes, parking area and side street/adjacent buildings and a RVFD Plan Submittal Form.
    • Completed plans can be picked-up at RVFD Administrative Office. The contact information listed on the Plan Submittal Form will be notified by the Inspector when the plan is ready for pickup, or if more materials/details are pending.
    • Expected turnaround time is 10 business days.
    • 48 hour advanced notice is required for scheduling inspections.  To schedule an inspection call the Fire Department at (415) 258-4673.




    $320 - $587 minimum permit fee for temporary structures, tents and canopies.

    These fees are the minimum charge for plan check and inspections for a typical application. Additional charges may be imposed for large projects and re-inspections, or failures to comply, which result in additional inspections.

    Fees are due at the time of plan submittal to the Administrative Offices. Currently accepted methods of payment:


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