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Fire Apparatus

Ross Valley Fire Engines 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, EMAThe apparatus fleet for Ross Valley Fire Department is comprised of seven fire engines. Four of these are “first run” engines - meaning they are in service daily.  These engines are Type I structural firefighting engines, equipped to fight fires primarily in buildings and other structures, general rescue and EMS response, and limited wildland firefighting capabilities. Type I engines carry 500 gallons of water and have the ability to pump 1250 gallons per minute of water when an adequate water supply is available.  They are our “tool box” on wheels, carrying all of the basic equipment and safety gear firefighters require to do their jobs.

The other apparatus in the department’s fleet include an EMA (Emergency Management Agency) Type I engine; a Type III four wheel drive wildland firefighting engine; and two reserve Type I engines.  The EMA and Type III engines are utilized for out of county responses to major incidents throughout California.  The Type III is used as a "first out" engine for responses to vegetation fires.  Both the Type III and the EMA engine are also used as “back up,” or reserve engines.

Current Apparatus

  • Engine 18

  • Engine 19

  • Engine 20

  • Engine 21

  • Engine 621

  • Engine 22

  • EMA 362 (Provided under contract by the California Emergency Management Agency)

  • Utitlities/Command:  The department also has command vehicles and utility pick up trucks that are utilized each day. These are two Chevrolet Tahoe’s, three Chevrolet Silverado’s, and one Chevrolet Impala. They are used by the Chief, Battalion Chiefs, and other department staff members.

Our Mission

To protect the lives, property and environment of Ross, San Anselmo, Sleepy Hollow and Fairfax through education, prevention and community service in a professional and caring manner that is fair, honest, respectful and ethical.

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