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Fire Sprinklers



    Fire sprinkler requirements differ by structure type: commerical structures, residential structures other than one and two family dwellings, and residential dwellings. All systems can be designed to meet higher standards. 

    Systems are typically designed and installed by a C-16 licensed fire protection contractor. All copies of the plans shall be wet-stamped and signed by the licensed designer.

    • Commercial structures need to comply with NFPA 13.
    • Residential structures other than one and two family dwellings need to comply with NFPA 13R and local standards.
    • Residential dwellings need to comply with NFPA 13D and RVFD Standard 401D

    pdf401D Residential Fire Sprinkler System Standard




    Submit to RVFD Administrative Office, 777 San Anselmo Avenue, San Anselmo, Monday-Thursday, 8:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-5:00pm:

    • Completed RVFD Plan Submittal Form
    • Two sets of plans (wet-stamped and signed), two sets of cut sheets and calculations
    • The minimum permit fee is listed in the current Fee Schedule.  These fees are the minimum charge for a typical application.  Additional charges may apply for large projects and re-inspections, or failures to comply, which result in additional inspections.

    Fees are due at the time of plan submittal and the accepted methods of payment include:




    • Expected turnaround time is 10 business days, there is no over-the-counter review.
    • Applicant will be notified by phone when plan review comments are ready. Completed plans can be picked-up at RVFD Administrative Office.





    • 48 hour advanced notice is required for scheduling inspections. To schedule an inspection email: prevention@rossvalleyfire.org
    • Fire Sprinkler Systems require two inspections: a hydro/rough and a final. Both inspection fees are included in the initial sprinkler system submission fee.
    • Re-inspections or failures to comply will result in an additional inspection fee of $110 per visit.



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