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Ross Valley Area Residents below is a list of different grants open to the public. Please note that the links here are added for easy access; however, the Department does not manage them. Therefore, we cannot provide any information related to the application process and status. For inquiries and status updates, please reach out to each agency directly. 

Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (MWPA) Grants

MWPA offers two grants opportunities to help residents with expenses related to creating defensible space and home hardening.
Link: https://www.marinwildfire.org/resident-info/resident-grants
Contact: 415-539-6972 info@marinwildfire.org

 Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection District Grants

Hazardous Vegetation Removal Grant Program: The purpose of this grant program is to encourage Sleepy Hollow residents to create and maintain defensible space around their homes and the perimeter of their properties and take actions to make their homes more fire-resistant through the provisions of grant funds to help offset the cost of this undertaking. If approved, the grant will provide up to $3000 for the removal of hazardous species of plants. No match is required.
Link: https://www.shfpd.org/grants
Contact: rshortall@shfpd.org

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