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Defensible Space Evaluations beginning week of June 20th in the Shady Neighborhood of San Anselmo and Ross


Uniformed Fire Inspectors will conduct Wildfire Defensible Space and Home Hardening Evaluations on residential properties in the Shady Neighborhood of San Anselmo and Ross starting the week of June 20, 2022 (see attached map). Inspections are conducted by Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (MWPA) in cooperation with the Ross Valley Fire Department.

A comprehensive online defensible space and home hardening report will be available approximately 24 hours after a property’s inspection. This report provides steps to reduce each individual property’s vulnerability and improve safety from wildfires. Some actions outlined in this report may be required by law - those must be corrected within 30 days.

Online reports are available to property owners, renters, and authorized representatives, and can be viewed online at http://dspace.marinwildfire.org. A six-digit access code provided by the inspectors is necessary to view the report.

Residents are welcome to accompany inspectors during the property evaluation to learn about the importance of defensible space and home-hardening. If nobody is home, that’s OK! Inspectors will evaluate publicly visible areas of the property only, and leave instructions to retrieve the online report.

To view a short video on what to expect during an inspection, please click here: Defensible Space & Home Hardening Evaluations (https://youtu.be/fjJATG9Hugc)

Evaluations are funded through Marin Tax Measure C (2020), Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority, and the Ross Valley Fire Department.

Please contact dspace@marinwildfire.org or (415) 275-1185 with questions or for assistance accessing an online report.

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